About Secret 7"

Secret 7” is back.

Presented by the charity War Child, this year's project will launch on 24th October.

For decades, War Child has collaborated with artists, labels, and the music industry to release records and host unforgettable shows.

Secret 7” brings together the worlds of music and art to support children affected by conflict.

First launched in 2012 by Kevin King and Jordan Stokes, Secret 7” has sold 4,900 unique records and raised over £500,000 for charitable causes.

The concept of Secret 7” is simple: 7 iconic tracks are pressed onto 7” vinyl, with each limited to just 100 unique copies.

Creatives from around the world, ranging from talented newcomers to some of the world’s greatest artists, submit sleeve artwork for the 700 records, creating one-of-a-kind collectibles that appeal to hardcore fans, record collectors, and art connoisseurs alike.

The records will be exhibited at London's NOW Gallery, the cultural platform on Greenwich Peninsula showcasing cutting-edge art, design, and fashion exhibitors, before they become available to bid on via Peggy.

Download Peggy here.

The identities of their creators remain a secret until the record is in the new owner's hands.

That's War Child’s Secret 7”.